Équipe BL – Estrie

Équipe BL Real Estate Agency targets excellence in all spheres of real estate.

Our vision is focused on avant-garde and impeccable customer service. Always aware of the evolution of the market, we rely on the latest real estate trends and the rigor of our offer.

Our values

Without pressure or pretension, the group wants to offer a superior service with a human approach. We bring together a judicious combination of experienced, dynamic, enterprising and professional individuals.

Our team formula makes it possible to optimize the offer to customers, namely superior marketing, optimal control of transactional elements and high availability. Our ultimate goal is to give more, keeping pace with the latest trends and technologies.

Unlike many real estate groups, a separate team is entirely dedicated to each of the regions operated.

Équipe BL - Owners

Our Team


More than 19 years of experience, 4 as a co-owner and executive officer of a recognized agency and several hundred real estate transactions later... Stéphanie plunged into the world of real estate and construction from a very young age. With a go-getter attitude, she demonstrates great professionalism and is distinguished by an undeniable mastery of real estate sales. Formerly a singer in several musicals and very hardworking personnality, it is not a busy schedule and the pressure of performance that will give her chills. In addition, she will be attentive to your needs as if you were family. With Stephanie, you won't be speechless for long!

Stéphanie Lamontagne

Co-owner, executive officer and certified residential and commercial real estate broker


Frédérick is a graduate of the real estate college for residential, commercial and mortgage brokerage. With its 3 areas of expertise, he is able to offer a complete service. This former policeman has always been immersed in the world of real estate, no wonder he now has nearly a hundred doors before his 30th birthday. Hard worker and true entrepreneur, Frédérick has several hundred real estate transactions, recipient of 3 competitions in the mortgage field and the "Hardbacon" prize in real estate brokerage. With Frédérick, nothing can stop him!

Frédérick Lussier-Côté

Co-owner, development director, residential real estate broker


Visionary at heart and true real estate passionate since 2013. This bachelor in physical education and former high level university football player is definitely a man of field and action. It is with an impressive attention to detail that he will offer you a positive and reassuring customer experience. Always on the lookout for the latest trends in real estate brokerage, Philippe makes sure to keep the team on an avant-garde guideline in order to optimize the service offered to clients. With Philippe, it's a guaranteed "touchdown"!

Philippe Beaubien

Co-owner, sales director, residential real estate broker


A true master in the art of negotiation, David stands out for his expertise and his discernment in order to obtain the best deals for his clients. A true real estate expert, his passion for real estate transactions translates into exceptional results. In addition to brokerage, David is committed into high-performance sport as a mentor, a wealth of experience he shares with his clients and colleagues. He embodies the epitome of the accomplished professional, who transforms every transaction into a rewarding experience for his clients and colleagues. With David, it's looking beyond real estate!

David Marticorena

Residential and commercial real estate broker


As an experienced real estate broker, Daniel stands out for his unwavering commitment to his clients and a deeply human approach. With 14 years of experience in brokerage under the tie and more than 30 years of specialized expertise in renovations and constructions, his background allows him to guide you with precision in the real estate market. As a dedicated real estate broker, he is fully invested in every step of the process, with absolute experience and exemplary service being his top priorities. With Daniel, you’ll turn your real estate dreams into reality!

Daniel Payette

Residential and commercial real estate broker


Originally from Belgium, this former lawyer successfully transitioned into the world of real estate upon her arrival in Quebec. With a keen nature, Eve takes great care of her clients, equipped with a high level of rigor and exemplary professionalism stemming from her previous profession. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, she will go to great lengths to find the best solution to bring your projects to fruition. Her experience as a lawyer allows her to have a comprehensive view of the situation and anticipate potential issues to maximize transaction security. With Eve, you can confidently pursue your real estate projects!

Eve Herbecq

Residential Real Estate Broker


A young real estate enthusiast, Elias stands out for his dedication to his clients and his dynamism. A former football player, he is as strong in the field as he is in mastering a real estate transaction! Just as on the field, he is a true force in real estate with great dosage of humility. With great listening skills, he perfectly understands his clients' needs and leverages his expertise to ensure the success of each real estate transaction. A hardworking and committed individual, he will accompany you with determination, and he also offers his services in Spanish. With Elias, real estate is rock-solid!

Elias Tibocha Pereira

Residential Real Estate Broker


William stands out both in stature and in his colorful style. His interest in real estate combined with an entrepreneurial spirit led him to invest in this field at the age of 21. Driven, dynamic, sharp-minded and a skilled negotiator, William will provide you with efficient service and personalized support in your real estate projects. A dedicated worker, he will be there to answer your questions at all times. With William, it's a service that lives up to your expectations!

William Sauvé

Residential Real Estate Broker


New to the real estate field, Joannie is fearless! Following an international career as a figure skater, she knows how to handle pressure and overcome challenges. Her service will stand out both for its elegance and her determined and proactive nature. With a bachelor's degree in sports therapy from Concordia University, it was the real estate industry that ultimately drew her in, leading her to invest in her first multiplex. She will certainly be the go-to person to offer you bilingual and highly personalized service tailored to your needs. With Joannie, she will win your heart... and your bids!

Joannie Brazeau

Residential Real Estate Broker


With a solid background in customer service, Alexandre is known for his unwavering reliability and strong sense of professionalism. His commitment to professional ethics and attention to detail will be evident in every transaction. A true man of trust, his ability to build strong relationships with clients and guide them through the real estate process are clearly essential skills for him. Being the younger brother of the "Leader" at BL, he will undoubtedly seek to prove to his sibling what he is capable of! With Alexandre, every transaction gets successfully concluded!

Alexandre Côté

Residential Real Estate Broker

Our History

Return to the roots

Originally created in Sherbrooke in 2014, Équipe BL then moved its head office to Drummondville in 2016. Since then, the agency has been a dazzling success and is positioned as a major pillar in real estate.

Over the years and blown away by its notoriety, Équipe BL has always preserved its pied-à-terre in Eastern Townships. Inspired by an emerging trend oriented towards avant-gardism, rigor and experience, our group has grown exponentially. In order to maintain impeccable customer service, the “Groupe Stéphanie Lamontagne” officially sets up in Estrie with a team exclusive to the region.

The Sherbrooke team was born from the merger of two existing teams, under other banners, from the Estrie region. A perfectly balanced amalgam of experienced and dynamic individuals who rely on human values enhanced by great expertise and overseen by our director and chief broker of 20 years of experience at the culmination of a brilliant career.

As we enter our 10 years of existence, our real estate brokerage model, inspired by major cities, is ready to set up in the Eastern Townships. Our team is made up of experts and the region has no secrets for us!